Leverage a mix of tech, skills and agile processes to become customer-centric

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January 05, 2022, 2:28 AM GMT+0

A Chief Information Officer (CIO) could bring about customer-centric cultural change in an organisation.

Businesses that want to become customer-centric must adopt the right tech to provide personalised experiences and assess data across channels to understand customers better. Moreover, companies must have a shared understanding of what consumer-centricity means across departments.

With most companies being product-or brand-centric, understanding consumers’ expectations, needs, disappointments, and mindsets is imperative. With the appropriate mix of technology, skills, and agile processes, organisations can digitally transform and shift their culture towards customer-centricity.

Companies’ C-suites, however, must be unified in their commitment to move its culture towards a more consumer-centric one. Further, traditional marketing strategies that use a top-down approach and are focused on the product can make it difficult for brands to implement a company-wide cultural shift to customer-centricity.

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