Resolving queries and concerns proactively drives consumer retention

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January 05, 2022, 11:21 AM GMT+0

Engaging consumers through blogs and digital PR can help build relationships, loyalty and lower churn.

Customer acquisition is often expensive and challenging, however, customer retention is far less costly and comes with the added benefit of brand loyalty. To retain customers, poll them frequently and follow up on those with negative remarks to determine their needs and improve satisfaction.

Addressing and solving queries and concerns promptly on review sites and social media and offering lucrative reward programs and incentives for repeat buys can also boost retention. Marketers can promote product discounts, upsell and cross-sell to existing consumers to retain their interest.

Companies can use KPI tools to proactively evaluate metrics that indicate consumer churn, as well as identify and reduce risk factors that cause attrition. Providing buyers with discounts for referring other consumers also works well to retain them.

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