Factor in customer experience while enabling digital marketing transformation

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January 06, 2022, 4:31 PM GMT+0

With consumers’ attention span waning, brands are struggling to grab customer attention, deliver a standout experience and leave the shopper with a memorable interaction.

According to Forrester’s US 2021 Customer Experience Index, 21% of brands earned higher scores mainly due to rapid transformation and the introduction of experiences that met customer needs. This number indicates that brands cannot underestimate customer experience at all.

While brands are trying to increase reach and penetration to overcome the challenges of lower loyalty levels, consumers are investing less time in engaging with brands. Consumers are increasingly getting used to the quick “get” of apps and are investing less quality time.

To deliver a compelling customer experience, brands need to increase the scale and accuracy of their customer data. With access to accurate customer data and marketing gamification, brands can deliver experiences that surprise, intrigue and give pleasure to customers. It can inform, amuse and entertain customers.

Though digital marketing transformation is an ongoing process, brands and retailers should prioritise it as they step into the new year. They must adopt a digital-first strategy that is flexible and reactive to audience needs.

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