Nurture relationships and justify product claims to sell big-ticket products

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January 07, 2022, 4:55 AM GMT+0

Target audiences for big-ticket or high-priced items are generally knowledgeable, have high standards and expect brands to defend their claims.

When marketing big-ticket products, businesses usually focus on reassuring and motivating prospects to make a purchase. Instead of trying to boost brand exposure, marketers must ensure they target the right audience for such big-ticket products.

With consumer or market research, persona building, private case studies and keyword search, brands can ensure the reach among the right audiences. Brands must also invest in research that helps them justify their claims about a certain product or service – necessary for convincing prospects to make a purchase.

Finally, brands must remember that selling big-ticket items is a lengthy process and it depends vastly on relationships. So, businesses must nurture customer relationships and pay more attention to people who request more information, and email the brand with questions. Further, provide customers with all the information they need and give them time to realise their purchase decision.

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