Train employees to resolve genuine customer complaints and address fake ones

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January 07, 2022, 7:50 AM GMT+0

When it comes to complaint resolution and service recovery, a consistent complaint resolution strategy can help businesses grow.

Brands must understand that very few customers complain for the sake of complaining, or in hopes of getting a refund or a discount – most of them have a legitimate issue. By identifying and solving genuine issues, businesses can help solve real problems.

After resolving an issue, brands can document them for future reference. This will help them solve similar issues in the future as well as spot a trend where the same set of customers brings up similar sets of problems.

Finally, service recovery is not always about giving away things for free. Setting up a system where the business can resolve genuine issues and customers may have to pay more the next time they purchase from the brand, can help businesses do away with not-so-genuine complaints.

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