Use social media content to engage audiences at physical events and stores

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January 12, 2022, 4:29 AM GMT+0

By displaying social media content at brick-and-mortar stores, brands can enhance their prospects’ in-person experiences.

Many brands have already started experimenting to find out how they can leverage their social media content to engage audiences across offline channels. For instance, TikTok partnered with Atmosphere to stream curated videos in commercial spaces like gyms, restaurants, and waiting rooms. Similarly, companies have showcased tweets and Snapchat’s AR activations on billboards.

Other brands can follow the suit by showing longer social videos at in-person events. Apart from playing videos in conferences and other physical gatherings, marketers can also live stream videos at their physical stores.

As 95% of people have their phones while watching television, companies can also consider getting the most of their TV spots by incorporating social media content into it. Marketers can include the brand’s social handles, a branded hashtag, or even showcase the brand’s social feeds directly in the commercial. It can help brands boost audience engagement or even improve conversions.  

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