2022 will see brands leverage podcasts, AI and membership programmes

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January 13, 2022, 6:59 AM GMT+0

Among other marketing trends, email and influencer marketing are expected to remain popular among brands.

Though approaching audiences through emails may not sound as appealing as targeting them through other channels, email marketing will continue to be a priority among brands in 2022. Primarily because emails allow brands to target customers with personalised messages while also ensuring compliance to all privacy-related standards.

Similarly, podcasts will continue remaining popular this year. As people enjoy podcasts from both individuals and companies, businesses can create their own podcasts as well as advertise through podcasters to reach their prospects. When it comes to optimisation, AI will help brands improve CX, predict customer behaviour, and most importantly, provide insights on search intent.

Marketers will rely on videos, elements of digital storytelling and interactive content to excite and engage customers. 2022 will also witness businesses focusing on membership programmes that allow customers to become a part of exclusive communities, enjoy rewards and access to certain products.

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