Analyse customer behaviour, map content to buyer journey to boost conversions

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January 18, 2022, 5:28 AM GMT+0

Brands must focus on offering content that is useful to customers across different stages of the buyer journey.

Aligning branded content with a specific stage of the sales funnel can help businesses better convince prospects to make a purchase. For instance, people who have already researched about the brand will not be interested in introductory branded content that talks about customer pain points. Similarly, customers in the awareness stage will not be ready for product demos or strong CTAs like “buy now”.

To develop content pieces that influence buyer behaviour, marketers must develop buyer personas. Buyer personas must answer questions about the type of content the target audience uses, topics that interest them, preferred content formats and channels along with keywords they use. Such information can help marketers create content that is more persuasive.

They should also use CTAs that direct customers towards specific actions, like subscribing to a newsletter or contacting the brand directly. Content creators should also include statistics, infographics, images, videos and social media buttons in the branded content. Such elements can help improve the chances of the content being shared by audiences.

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