Empathetic marketing can help B2B brands build and retain strong customer relationships

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January 18, 2022, 4:12 AM GMT+0

Brands must utilise empathetic marketing to understand customers better, reward loyalty, and build strong customer relationships.

Given that repeat customers spend 67% more on purchases than first-time customers, B2B companies must strengthen relationships with existing customers. Empathetic marketing can help B2B organisations understand their customer needs better and communicate their brand values effectively.

Along with communicating brand values, businesses must also ensure they have trustworthy representatives who can represent the brand in a positive manner. They can use emails, phones calls, and in-phone conversations to know clients better. Marketers should also proactively inquire about specific client operations to offer tailored solutions.

Similarly, customer loyalty must be rewarded by the means of discounts, loyalty programmes, or bulk pricing options. Retention-centric advertisements can also help brands build strong customer relationships. But, B2B brands must also ensure that these messages are personalised and not too frequent to avoid annoying customers.  

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