Minimalistic email design will help brands attract buyers in 2022

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January 18, 2022, 5:51 PM GMT+0

This piece highlights email design trends that content marketers can use in the new year.

With email inboxes overloading, simple design strategies are likely to rule the roost in 2022. Minimalistic email design will help brands attract consumer attention as they promise a sharp focus on the core communication task. These designs provide clear, crisp email copies that audiences can read without getting frustrated – making them more likely to take actions like converting to a subscriber or making a purchase.

Minimalistic email designs capture the reader attention and communicate the message while providing a comfortable brand experience. With the increased use of devices in dark mode, dark-mode email designs are also becoming popular.

From a psychological perspective, the dark mode can signal the email is essential by keeping distractions at bay and encouraging readers to focus on the email at hand. But, marketers should avoid using red elements on the black background as it can be challenging to read for people with sight disorders like astigmatism. They should also make the content scannable, help readers navigate between pages or sections and use two to four micro-interactions in an email.

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