Companies should prioritise web accessibility to create a more inclusive brand

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January 19, 2022, 2:43 AM GMT+0

Web accessibility refers to the practice of making digital tools, technologies and websites accessible to persons with disabilities.

By prioritising web accessibility, brands can not only abide by the ethical standards, but also enjoy advantages like greater revenue and improved SEO performance. A study shows that about 15% of the global population have some sort of disability. Moreover, this population happens to be among those with the highest level of disposable income.

Marketing agencies should also prioritise web accessibility for their brands, to boost the overall effectiveness of their ad campaigns. Additionally, ensuring web accessibility can help brands avoid digital accessibility lawsuits and the resultant legal fees, financial penalties and negative publicity.

Brands can also leverage AI-powered tools and solutions to make their sites more accessible. Certain AI-powered solutions scan websites regularly to identify and fix inaccessible content every 24 hours, making websites accessible without any additional effort.

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