Customers value brands that clearly state how they plan on using AI-enabled tools

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January 19, 2022, 3:24 AM GMT+0

43% of customers would feel positive about a brand, if the latter were more explicit about how they use AI, what data they collect and how that data is used.

A Cogito report found that consumers largely feel AI can help make the lives of employees easier. But at the same time, they expressed mistrust around businesses’ use of consumer data, privacy, and the overall use of AI. 72% of consumers said they had concerns about data privacy and what AI-enabled tools are tracking.

One-third of customers also said they would feel more comfortable with the government regulating the use of AI-enabled tools and technologies. Similarly, consumers want brands to have a clear customer code of practice when it comes to AI-enabled tools.

Cogito’s cofounder and CEO Josh Feast said, “A customer code of practice effectively communicates an organization's values, as well as the standards they hold themselves to and the expectations consumers can have as a result.” Further, brands can follow HubSpot Customer Code – be honest with customers, ask them for feedback, use data responsibly and most importantly, treat them as people, not mere sources of data.

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