Run a content gap analysis before creating short or long-form content

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January 20, 2022, 2:17 AM GMT+0

Edit the content after the first draft to trim the “fluff” like repeated words, and optimise the post for SEO.

Marketers can create short-form or long-form content depending on the audiences’ content needs, preferences, and other factors. With neither long-form nor short-form content enhancing SEO in isolation, consider other aspects like search ranking, content formats, and more.

Use tools to discover relevant keywords and content, rank high in SERPs, and choose the right content format. Some popular content formats marketers can select from includes guides, listicles, how-tos, tutorials, and more. Conduct a content gap analysis on top-ranking content to understand the audience's search intent and design a content outline that is search-focused.

Leverage writing methods like the Pomodoro technique, wherein one writes for 25 minutes before taking a break and use a distraction-free writing tool. Rather than repeating already covered topics in a post, linking them to relevant pages is recommended to rank better in SERPs. To optimise SEO, create many posts targeting different search intents and leverage competitive keywords by using them innovatively in the content.

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