Start engaging existing followers to boost rewards programmes on social media

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January 20, 2022, 8:09 AM GMT+0

Marketers must leverage their social media handles to strengthen their rewards programmes, boost customer loyalty and attract new patrons.

When it comes to promoting brand rewards programmes, marketers need to identify which social platforms their target audience is most active on. After zeroing in on suitable platforms, brands must ensure the content they publish is tailor-made for the specific platform.

For example, a message designed for Instagram may not be suitable for audiences on Twitter. Customers who already follow, like, and comment on the brand’s social media posts should be encouraged to speak about the brand and share its posts.

Marketers can then reward such customers with points as part of the rewards programme. Apart from using existing social platforms, brands must also experiment with emerging spaces like the metaverse to get creative with their rewards programmes.

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