Businesses should clearly define all aspects of their brand’s social media aesthetic

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January 24, 2022, 1:15 AM GMT+0

By defining all aspects of the brand aesthetic from the brand tone and messaging to images and emotions, companies can build a unique brand personality.

Along with understanding what kind of aesthetics the target audience likes, brands must study what kind of fonts, content, colours, designs and language their competitors are opting for. Such insights can help brands create a unique visual personality and stand out among others.

Brands should also analyse whether camera images suit their personality better than graphics or illustrations. Similarly, analysing colour pallets can help brands project the desired emotion. For instance, while red indicates a sense of urgency, green signifies health and peace.

Companies should also analyse different types of fonts while developing their unique brand personality. While Serif fonts can offer a traditional look, Script fonts give a touch of modernity. Once brands have their collection of images, colours, fonts and designs, they can place them all on a mood board to help designers understand what theme or concept the brand is looking to adopt.

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