Onboard digital technologies that can optimise workflows and UX

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January 24, 2022, 8:44 AM GMT+0

Implement a device management tool to support remote employees, administer security patches, and protect devices and data.

Before purchasing, brands should think about how certain technologies could impact their business. Consider how the new technology's integration would affect existing organisational workflows, as well as the resources and skillsets required to seamlessly adopt the technology.

Ensure the technology optimises staff’s work experience, is cost-effective for the company, and is intuitive enough to provide a better user experience (UX). It is recommended to adopt digital technologies or OS platforms that can be adapted for a variety of tasks and are routinely monitored and updated for security.

Back-end systems synced or connected with devices within and outside the organisation help monitor productivity, gather insights, and offer holistic business visibility. Invest in technology that is aligned with a company's needs and provides long-term value.

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