Strategically place content on the site to boost accessibility

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January 24, 2022, 8:03 AM GMT+0

Use Google Analytics to optimise a site for speed and measure user experience.

Improving website accessibility with easy to navigate pages can attract users irrespective of their disabilities and enhance browsing experiences. Categorise content with structured headings and subheadings and have relevant titles to retain users.

Have a simple and easy to navigate menu and submenu system in place without bright texts, microscopic fonts, and complicated designs. To provide a seamless browsing experience, tactically place information about new products, contact, FAQs, and other links.

Including descriptive alt-texts for images can optimise the accessibility of the website, as well convey the contextual meaning of the picture to users. Conduct keyboard tests to confirm the website can be navigated using keys like "tab" and "enter", and relevant links can be accessed. Optimising the site’s usability on mobile devices can further boost accessibility.

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