Brands are increasingly using gamification to upskill employees, build user community

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January 25, 2022, 6:51 AM GMT+0

With companies, both large and small, seeing the benefits of engaging customers and employees with interactive technologies, global gamification revenues are set to reach $32 billion by 2025.

Around 70% of global 2000 companies already use gamification in some way. Moreover, companies that use gamification see up to seven times higher conversion rates. As for training and upskilling, game-based learning and education is expected to generate more than $24 million in revenues by 2024.

About 85% of employees show more engagement when gamification solutions are incorporated in workplace training programmes. 90% of employees feel more productive when using gamification. Additionally, 89% of employees also feel eager to complete a task, if the task is gamified.

Gamifying the website can also boost browsing time by 30%. The article further states that gamified activities increased the sense of belonging for 81% of respondents, showing that gamification can add to community-building efforts among users. Similarly, gamification of a free trial can increase trial usage by 54%.

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