High quality, relevant creatives are key to target high net worth individuals

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January 25, 2022, 2:26 AM GMT+0

When it comes to targeting high net worth (HNW) individuals, brands need to prioritise addressing their needs, interests and physical location, without being invasive.

To craft creatives that resonate with high net worth individuals, businesses must first conduct research and understand what motivates such audiences. Using insights gathered from the research can help marketers create high-quality, relevant creatives that address the interests of HNW individuals. It can also help marketers boost engagement, drive brand awareness and achieve short-term sales goals.

Along with memorable and high production value ads, marketers must use aspirational CTAs – that clearly describe how customers can benefit from the brand’s product or service. Given that consumers expect quality that matches the price of the product, high-quality creatives are particularly crucial when targeting HNW individuals.

Gathering location-based data is also important to make compelling offers and target HNW individuals in a specific physical location. Moreover, customer data, like location, can help businesses offer relevant and addressable advertisements that engage target audience effectively and drive brand awareness.

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