Leverage a multi-CMS strategy to boost content agility and flexibility

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January 25, 2022, 2:36 AM GMT+0

Businesses can develop localised websites, new product landing pages, and develop authoring skillsets using a multi-content management system (CMS) approach.

A multi-CMS strategy can help digital professionals enhance agility, flexibility, and speed to market. Implementing a multi-CMS strategy allows firms to become more adaptable, robust, and creative, while also providing additional capabilities to their flagship CMS.

Define strategic goals and reassess the existing CMS ecosystem to enhance the multi-CMS portfolio. Marketers must conduct an audit of the existing systems and content to better understand content flow, various systems involved and who has access to all this.

Using a multi-CMS method can help content teams overcome challenges, gather leads and improve customer experiences (CX). Optimising the CMS portfolio can help companies become future-proof.

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