Introduce a blog post with questions, statistics, or stories to grab attention

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January 28, 2022, 1:13 AM GMT+0

Asking questions in the blog post introduction can help humanise the brand and strike a friendly tone with readers.

A well-written, reader-oriented and compelling introduction grabs the reader’s attention by focusing on the main points of the content and giving readers a clear idea about what to expect from the piece. To attract readers’ attention and compel them to read the pieces, brands should begin their blog post introductions with an interesting sentence – either pose a question, state a problem, mention a statistic or begin a story.

Then, the introduction must explain how the brand addresses a certain problem and how it can solve the problem. After stating the problem, brands can use a statistic to validate the readers’ concerns and present proof to their statements. They can also use two stats against each other as a comparison.

Brands can include open-ended or rhetorical questions in the introduction to further engage readers. While quotes can help readers trust the brand and its blog posts, marketers must ensure they quote popular and credible sources only.

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