Optimise titles and descriptions with keywords to promote YouTube videos

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January 31, 2022, 1:35 PM GMT+0

Leverage paid ads and partner with influencers with similar audiences to reach prospects via YouTube videos.

Integrating YouTube into the marketing mix can help companies reach new consumers and grow their audiences. To optimise YouTube marketing campaigns, assess competitors’ YouTube channels, formats, and engagement tactics to gather strategic insights.

With 70% of adult customers watching training videos in 2021, create branded educational videos to fill the knowledge gap. Build consistency, find branding opportunities, have a schedule for uploads and create videos with familiar lighting, backdrop, and formats.

Create a channel icon, optimise video titles, and write complete descriptions with relevant keywords to enhance YouTube branding and SEO efforts. Cross-promote the YouTube videos across channels like the brand website, social networks, and more to attract prospective consumers.

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