Diversify tech partnerships to avoid facing backlash on an ethical front

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February 01, 2022, 12:38 PM GMT+0

Big Tech’s handling of customers, partners, and employees is becoming a major source of ethical concerns for businesses.

With Big Tech companies like Apple and Google pervasive in every aspect of consumers' lives, brands must weigh the costs and risks of outsourcing operations. Businesses that rely heavily on Big Tech can have their business models disrupted, as a result of restrictions stemming from unaddressed ethical behaviours.

Moreover, excessive dependence on Big Tech’s services and alleged unethical behaviours could reflect poorly and compromise a brand’s ethical position. To mitigate risks from ethical issues, brands must aid audiences in recognising their values and stances as separate from their tech partners.

Establishing good ethical practices from tech partners, and diversifying partnerships can also help businesses avoid facing ethical criticisms. As ethics constantly evolve, brands should re-assess their ethical policies.

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