Google will ask customers for proof of experience before posting reviews

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February 01, 2022, 3:28 PM GMT+0

With this update, Google aims to ensure only authentic, high-quality and useful product reviews are shown to users.

A study found more than 90% of online shoppers read online reviews and compare prices before making a purchase. With the latest algorithm update, Google aims to encourage authentic product reviews and curb fake customer testimonials.

To discourage fake product reviews and reinforce the authenticity of the content, the search engine giant has asked users to provide evidence that the product in question has been used by the person reviewing it. The user can provide visuals, audio or other links demonstrating experience with the product. Product reviews should also include links to multiple reviews to give readers options to purchase the product from the merchant of their choice.

The article suggests companies can add product reviews to their ecommerce content strategy and drive more affiliate revenue in the process. But, companies should make sure the product reviews demonstrate knowledge about the product, highlight quantitative measurements, and showcase the product's benefits and drawbacks.

Integrating price comparisons in various content types, including buying guides, listicles, recommendations, and even product reviews, can help improve search results and the shopping experience. Price comparisons can also help companies boost their affiliate earnings. A study found that price comparisons can drive up to 179% higher earnings per click and 200% more clicks and conversions.

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