Repurposing existing content can help brands widen their reach and improve SEO

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February 02, 2022, 1:01 AM GMT+0

Marketers can repurpose a single piece of content into multiple formats, ranging from blogs and guest posts to videos and podcast episodes.

Repurposing content essentially means recycling existing content and giving it a new life. By repurposing content into newer formats, brands can engage wider audiences. For instance, a single piece of content like a blog post might engage only one section of the target audience. But, when the same content is repurposed and repackaged into other formats like podcasts and videos on social platforms, brands can successfully engage broader sections of the audience.

Creating several pieces of content on a single topic can help brands target highly relevant keywords multiple times and rank higher in search results. Apart from saving time on the content creation process and improving SEO efforts, repurposing content can also help brands in sales enablement.

Content repurposing also provides brands with more opportunities to reach audiences multiple times in multiple formats. It can help brands build trust and strengthen customer relationships along with boosting conversions.

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