Programmatic advertisers finally start paying attention to a long neglected element

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February 04, 2022, 5:35 PM GMT+0

Once considered an afterthought in programmatic strategies, ad creative is now as much of a priority as ad placement for certain online advertisers.

Well-crafted campaign strategies, effective targeting, efficient algorithm hacks and comprehensive analytics have often failed to fill in for lacklustre ads. Brands and marketers are now prioritising ad creatives to boost ad performance.

Media and creative teams need to collaborate and test different creatives from the inception stage of a campaign. Johnson & Johnson, for instance, has collaborated with an ad-tech firm to analyse essential elements like colours to learn which ads work best among audiences.

Such insights can help brands inform decisions such as the placement of brand logos during a Facebook video for optimum results. Businesses are also relying on first-party data to measure advertising performance. At the same time, brands are reusing creative elements from their successfully social posts and incorporating them in programmatic campaigns.

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