Take cues from usage data to improve product features and drive engagement

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February 04, 2022, 12:00 PM GMT+0

Develop gamification tools like “spin to win”, “loyalty badges” and more to engage users.

Brands looking to boost user engagement on their website with their products, services, content, and more must take into account their consumers’ preferences. Lower attrition, enhance consumer experiences (CXs), build brand loyalty, and track user behaviour, by assessing user engagement.

Use tools like Sleeknote to place interactive and personalised pop-ups like exit surveys to target prospects. Offer live AI-powered chat support, provide self-service solutions like AI-chatbots, and augment the onboarding process with product tutorials to enhance CX and product experience.

Boost users' on-site engagement by personalising all communication channels and creating interactive and user-friendly content like brand stories, and video reviews. Track metrics like feature usage time to improve product features and use an omnichannel strategy to reach out to prospects on their preferred channels.

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