Offer incentives and create quality content to acquire consumers in Web 3.0

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February 07, 2022, 8:00 AM GMT+0

With users having complete control over their data in Web 3.0, it is more immersive and interactive.

Web 3.0 built on open decentralised blockchains warrants data protection and privacy online without mediators. As users have more control over how their data is used, digital marketing can be personalised without intermediaries in Web 3.0.

This can transform digital marketing, as marketers will have to go beyond Web 2.0 strategies like third-party cookies to deliver targeted ads. As Web 3.0 further develops, it will make the process of data collection challenging for digital marketers.

For marketers to acquire consumers in Web 3.0., they must offer rewards and create quality content, as digital marketing will be "incentive-driven.” Creators in Web 3.0 will take on the role of digital marketers and may need a native "creator's token" to reward loyal consumers.

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