Artificial intelligence can help small businesses meet SEO challenges efficiently

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February 08, 2022, 2:15 AM GMT+0

Especially when it comes to newer or smaller websites with less brand recognition and site authority, AI can help create content at scale and compete with top-ranking brands.

While artificial intelligence (AI) cannot replace search engine optimisers completely, AI-powered tools can help brands enhance their SEO efforts. For instance, search engines lean on AI-powered technologies like machine learning and natural language processing to understand web content and promote it to searchers.

Such AI-powered solutions can also help marketers train computers to analyse data to understand human language and imitate how humans learn. Similarly, brand content writers can leverage AI copywriting tools to create content at scale and generate meta tags at a significantly faster pace.

AI can also help marketers automate keyword research, access real-time keyword metrics and choose industry-specific keywords that bring more traffic to their websites. Additionally, with AI and data science, brands can gain more insight into SERPs and understand how search engines rank web pages.

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