Brands must ensure their social media content is accessible for all audiences

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February 08, 2022, 1:34 AM GMT+0

To incorporate inclusion and accessibility in social media content, brands can use features like alt-text and auto-captions.

Marketers need to create inclusive content for social media to ensure the brand appeals to all segmented groups in their target audience. Businesses must approach their creative designs with honesty and transparency, without forcing a reality that does not resonate with brand values.

Brands must leverage native features on social platforms to make their content more accessible to their readers. For instance, brands can turn on auto-captions for their videos with sound. They should also add alt-text to make images accessible for audiences using screen readers.

Proactively using hashtags can help marketers reach a diverse set of people, engage them and strike meaningful conversations with them. Businesses can further create polls and surveys to gather customer feedback and cultivate a community among target audiences.

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