Companies still take a cautious and traditional approach to all-in content experiences

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February 08, 2022, 12:20 PM GMT+0

The latest Storyblok study shows that many enterprises are pursuing more advanced omnichannel content platforms, but the traditional approach is not going away anytime soon.

Even though there are many content formats to consider, companies still focus on traditional channels like websites and mobile apps. The study shows that while there is an increase in interest in areas like voice-activated searches, AR/VR and smartwatches for the future, they are still on the lowest end.

When asked which platforms and channels companies serve with their CMS, only 7.2% said voice-activated speakers, 6.6% said AR/VR and 3.7% said smartwatches. In contrast, 37.7% of companies reported websites, and 21.2% mentioned mobile applications as the platform they serve with their CMS.

Around 35% of companies use a headless CMS. Additionally, 82.91% of companies reported improvements in ROI, budget and performance since switching to a headless CMS. Storyblok’s co-founder and CEO Dominik Angerer said, “This data proves that enterprise adoption of newer content platforms has a long way to go, but we’re still in the early days of advanced digital transformation projects.”

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