Sponsor local sports teams and use analog ads to boost local marketing

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February 08, 2022, 2:50 AM GMT+0

Leverage marketing tactics from local brands to stand out from competitors.

As opposed to "big brand marketing", executing targeted marketing, like those used by small firms, can help brands expand reach and build loyalty. Leverage videos or audios and use personal identifiers in marketing messages to add a human touch and build personal relationships with customers.

Prioritising local markets and creating campaigns aligned with local consumers’ needs can help national brands find new marketing opportunities. To connect with local consumers, evaluate local search queries and create messaging and ads that conforms to the language and cultural norms.

Adopting analog advertising tactics like out-of-home ads and sponsoring local sports teams can help acquire new consumers, boost retention, and enhance customer experience. Evaluate new markets that will yield the most ROI to create personalised local marketing campaigns.

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