AI-powered machine translation can help streamline the translation process

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February 09, 2022, 4:35 AM GMT+0

Machine translation is the process of translating one language to another using computers and software.

Technical content like user assistance content, customer support and user documentation is considered the most suitable type of content when it comes to employing machine translation. Businesses can use machine translation to translate languages in real-time to support conversations between people speaking different languages.

Leveraging AI-powered machine translators can help companies streamlines the translation process and save time. Instead of replacing human translators with AI ones, businesses can build a more efficient system by utilising AI along with human operators. For instance, while machines can handle the bulk of translation, human reviewers can scan for errors due to localisations or colloquialisms. It can help increase both the speed and accuracy of the translation system.

Machine translators can also help companies efficiently work with a variety of languages, track the performance of human translators and streamline the overall translation process. Businesses can further use machine translation to correct size conversions, such as clothing sizes and product dimensions, for different markets and countries. 

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