Recommend products and streamline the checkout process to boost conversions

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February 09, 2022, 1:37 AM GMT+0

Ecommerce brands must also ensure customers can browse products, navigate the site and complete the checkout without any friction.

A study found 37% of shoppers clicked a recommended product during their first return visit to a site. To target these shoppers, improve website personalisation and boost conversions, brands must add recommended products to their ecommerce store, particularly to the product page. But, they should provide detailed information about the product and explain how it can meet consumer needs.

Adding high-quality images depicting the product from various angles can further help companies effectively guide customers. Ecommerce brands should also consider adding demo videos or explainer videos along with 360-degree images to increase conversions. But, brands must include pertinent information like size, colour and fabric content in product descriptions.

To successfully convince customers to make purchases, brands can even publish social proof like testimonials or user-generated content of the product in action. They can use heatmaps, prominently display categories, include clear labels and concise descriptions to streamline navigation. Further, using a single-page checkout, saving billing and shipping information, reducing clicks and including trust symbols like security seals can help streamline checkout pages and reduce cart abandonment.

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