Craft simple and easy to read content to boost website accessibility

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February 10, 2022, 2:49 AM GMT+0

Complicated languages can make it difficult for people with varying levels of reading capabilities to understand the content.

With only 2% of all websites satisfying the best practices guidelines, digital accessibility remains a major challenge for websites today. While many businesses have gone digital amid the pandemic, challenges like jargon, complex terms, and other issues are limiting full accessibility.

To improve accessibility for the average website user and build trust, brands must use basic, straightforward language in their content copies. Businesses can improve accessibility on their websites by lowering the reading level of content and creating webpages without jargon.

Build a cross-department accessibility team spanning content, design, sales, and more to assess the technical accessibility of the website. Implement technology tools to automate benchmarking, measuring, and tracking, as well as fix accessibility issues at scale and boost readability.

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