Let customers be brand storytellers to gain a long-term SEO value

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February 10, 2022, 5:51 AM GMT+0

Brands should create a dedicated webpage for customer reviews, testimonials and stories that highlight customer successes or excitement about their products.

While it is important to have an “About us” page, brands should also have a “Customer Reviews page” to gain long-term SEO value. Adding customer reviews and case studies to the brand website can help businesses have a positive impact on SEO. Through the Customer Reviews page, brands should encourage customers to speak about the brand, which can also help generate more user-generated content and engage more online followers.

Adding customer videos and positive brand-customer interactions on social platforms like YouTube can further help companies show up higher on SERPs. As people trust consumers and even influencers more than companies, letting customers be brand storytellers can help businesses effectively gain customer trust and build more credible, customer-focused marketing campaigns.

A 2020 Kantar study found most consumers trust their family and friends to be reliable sources when choosing a brand or service. As a result, even established brands like Tesla and Nike are leveraging strategies like word-of-mouth marketing and referral programs to successfully drive customer-focused marketing campaigns.

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