Think mobile, experiment with videos to make the best of Facebook advertising

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February 11, 2022, 1:48 AM GMT+0

Along with video ads, brands can host Facebook giveaways to create brand awareness and attract new leads into the conversion funnel.

The process of creating effective Facebook ad strategies must begin by answering questions like who the target audience is and what their interests are. Such insights can help brands offer relevant content and identify where in the customer journey the buyers are at.  

Marketers can then align Facebook ads with content marketing and create content that answers important questions such as how the product can solve customers’ pain points. Brands must also experiment with video ads to enjoy low effective cost per clicks and boost conversions.

With 94% of Facebook’s advertising revenues generated via mobile, brands must optimise their Facebook ads for mobile viewing. Similarly, brands can also utilise lead ads on Facebook to offer free content like e-books or course in exchange for customers’ email address – necessary for building the brand’s marketing list.

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