Use effective CTAs to spur micro-conversions among window shoppers

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February 11, 2022, 3:10 AM GMT+0

Instead of directly push-selling products, brands must encourage window shoppers to take small steps like submitting email addresses to avail product discounts.

In the digital world, window shoppers are the people who express interest in a product or service but are not ready to make the purchase at a given moment. They might, however, intend to buy the product in the future. Businesses should try to understand why they are not converting and consider telling the brand story to bring the customer into the brand community.

Companies should also deliver useful content, like a blog article, to get window shoppers excited about the brand. To further encourage and nurture such window shoppers towards a purchase, marketers need to focus on micro-conversions. Such conversions can include exchanging the email address in exchange for a discount, or watching a video about the brand story.

Brands can also consider providing sample products to offer customers a tangible experience of their product. Additionally, businesses must focus on offering automated, efficient and quick customer support to boost conversions among window shoppers. They should also make sure their customers can easily navigate the website – from accessing the product information to moving seamlessly through checkout.  

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