Lessons from Super Bowl 2022 advertising: Focus on storytelling, relatability

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February 15, 2022, 4:38 PM GMT+0

Some of the most effective ads this year entertained viewers by tapping into nostalgia, narrating memorable stories and incorporating humour.

Like every year, the Super Bowl this year saw brands crowding the commercial break with dozens of big-budget ads. Yet, customers might recall only a handful of commercial spots. Marketers need to take note of what kind of ads worked best this year and incorporate those elements into their campaigns. Incorporating elements like relatability, humour and storytelling can help create campaigns that resonate with audiences.

Brands can consider using their ads to narrate stories of credible and popular personalities. These can even include moderately popular micro and nano influencers, who can help audiences understand how the brand’s product can benefit them. Along with making ads relatable, advertisers can even drum up nostalgia among viewers by making classic pop culture references.

Effective advertising does not necessarily need to promote the product or service explicitly. At times, focussing on a memorable and empowering story can entertain audiences and drive impact. Such ads can simply flash the brand logo to drive brand recall.

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