Focus on creating frameworks that help marketers build data-driven strategies

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February 16, 2022, 1:29 AM GMT+0

Marketers need to prepare for and execute their organisation’s transformation to successfully adopt a data-driven approach.

To begin with, brands must invest in data unification and technology to build a digital-transformation strategy that revolves around data-driven capabilities. Brands need to create a framework that defines what kind of data needs to be collected, where marketers can collect it from and how the brand can implement a customer-data unification process.

Brands should also note that data-driven marketing requires first-party data from across the organisation. To achieve this, businesses need to encourage collaboration between different teams like IT, sales and finance to clarify goals, set clear KPIs and drive sales.

Businesses should also invest in automation to support real-time messaging and make offers based on customers’ most recent actions. They must recruit new talent with relevant creative, data and digital skills, as well as upskill existing teams to leverage data-driven marketing strategies.

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