Implement the AARRR framework to track the performance of SaaS products

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February 16, 2022, 3:30 AM GMT+0

Media promotion can help boost a product’s popularity, expand its user network and enhance referral metrics.

The AARRR framework used by SaaS companies can help product-led brands track KPIs like acquisition, activation, retention, referral and revenue. Freemium models, like product signups and lead channels, allow businesses to track user acquisition details and efficiently use their resources.

Given that prospects in freemium models can remain users for months, brands must track product-qualified leads, time to value, and feature adoption rates. This helps SaaS companies to track activations from freemium models, and the time it takes for users to convert.

Evaluate the net churn rate and conduct customer satisfaction score (CSAT) surveys to identify and retain valuable customers. Calculate average revenue per user, customer lifetime value, and expansion revenue from cross-selling and upselling to track revenue and growth metrics.

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