Assess supply and demand levels in the digital landscape for improved targeting

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February 17, 2022, 12:03 PM GMT+0

Marketers can use CTV/OTT ads to connect with consumers, as linear TV inventory is expected to continue to decline, as per eMarketer.

Owing to attribution challenges and inventory or workforce shortages, the digital ecosystem is experiencing a significant supply and demand shift. To provide a consistent customer experience in 2022, brands must adapt to supply-related trends in marketing and advertising.

As a result of App Tracking Transparency on iOS, the supply of online attribution data was disrupted in 2021 and is expected to get more challenging as third-party cookies phase-out. Brands must reassess benchmarks on online attribution, ROI and acquire offline data like location and sales analytics, to support digital ad campaigns and understand customers' intent.

Also, CTV and OTT are attracting more ad dollars, giving marketers a higher cost-value, as more people use streaming services.  Additionally, as a result of increased emphasis on service and flexibility amid COVID-19, as well as evolving work practices and the "Great Resignation," talent demand has increased. To grow in 2022, brands and agencies must provide customised service models and value throughout the campaign lifecycle.

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