Creating brand videos that explain product usage can help boost sales

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February 17, 2022, 2:41 AM GMT+0

About 97% of marketers claim that ecommerce videos help users better understand the brand’s products or services.

A brand’s target customers are more likely to purchase from the company if they see how exactly the product or service works and how the business stands out among others. So, brands should create how-to videos to explain the benefits of their products and offer step-by-step instructions to use the product.

They should also create close-up videos that aim to portray as much detail of the product as possible so that customers can clearly see and understand the product, instead of doing any erroneous guesswork. Brands can even make testimonial videos to offer prospects social proof around the effectiveness of their products and encourage new purchases.

Along with demonstrating how the product or service adds value, brands should add natural and raw footage to make their videos relatable and realistic. But, they should also add CTAs to make their content more interactive. Using CTAs such as a link to access products or a quiz can help drive consumers to actively participate in some form of conversion with the product or service.  

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