Keep ads funny, relatable and brightly designed to grab customer attention

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February 17, 2022, 1:33 AM GMT+0

Along with communicating the main message clearly, marketers should consider experimenting with humorous elements and UGC to make their content memorable.

With customers constantly getting flooded with commercial messages, marketers need to pay more attention to making brand content memorable. Adding humour to the brand content can help marketers create content that resonates with target audiences. Brands can also create adverts using memes to communicate their point in a clever and funny manner.

While creating adverts, brands can also make light-hearted references to serious or important trends, topics and events. But, marketers must also realise that effective advertising does not necessarily have to revolve around the brand’s product or service.

At times, the ad can simply aim at creating a brand image that consumers find fun and memorable. Along with using bright and sharp colours in adverts to grab customer attention, marketers can also feature user-generated content to encourage user participation and make the ad relatable.

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