Travel businesses can use Instagram to offer virtual tours to their audiences

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February 17, 2022, 8:11 AM GMT+0

Essentially a visual platform, Instagram is an effective platform for businesses in the travel industry to showcase various destinations, hotels, markets and scenic attractions.

Travel businesses can use the native features and formats on Instagram to take users to different destinations, virtually. For instance, Instagram Live, IG stories and IGTV can be leveraged to offer virtual tours of the brand’s best destinations and travel experiences.

Once customers give the brand permission to use their content, marketers can feature user-generated content to establish trust and authenticity among prospects. But, they must ensure the brand content they post on Instagram is of high-quality and refined using photo-editing tools. The brand’s Instagram feed should also be curated using a specific colour palette, filters and a pre-defined theme.

Apart from posting consistently, travel businesses should also collaborate with social influencers to boost brand awareness. Marketers can even offer influencers special travel deals or a free trip, in exchange for promoting the brand.

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