Offer multicultural marketing training to create more inclusive brand content

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February 22, 2022, 5:25 AM GMT+0

Cultivating an internal culture that welcomes unbiased and authentic opinions can help incorporate diversity and inclusion in the brand's content marketing strategy.

To create inclusive content to make target audiences feel seen and heard, businesses must ensure they have a wide representation of people, of different ethnicities and abilities in their marketing conversations. Brands can even consider collaborating with freelance writers or consultants to bring in new ideas and perspectives to their narratives.

Brands must also create a work environment where employees are encouraged and empowered to put forth opinions and suggest ideas. Specific and prescriptive multicultural marketing training can help brands shift their team’s mindset, making them aware of unconscious biases, if any.

Marketers must also audit their communication and examine internal messaging to identify any unintentional imbalances within the organisation. Such audits must evaluate the brand’s choice of topics, perspectives and languages. Then, businesses should include diversity-related categories in their editorial plans and conduct surveys and interviews with focus groups to gather direct insights.

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