Use text messages to interact with customers directly, gather zero-party data

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February 22, 2022, 6:12 AM GMT+0

Brands can leverage SMS communication to grant access to exclusive content, learn about customer preferences and capture zero-party data.

With increasing concerns around data tracking, businesses and marketers are looking at different ways to collect zero-party data from consumers. Zero-party data combined with first-party data can enable brands to effectively inform their marketing strategies, personalise the customer experience and boost loyalty.

Leveraging SMS marketing can help marketers power personalised customer experiences as it enables brands to learn about their customers’ preferences and intent directly. Along with providing several ways of capturing zero-party data, text messages allow brands to build trust with customers. Further, incorporating polls and quizzes in text messages can help brands inform content and recommendations.

As people engage with text messages more than other channels like emails or social platforms, brands can utilise the channel to broadcast access to exclusive, targeted content and experience – all personalised based on user preferences and in a more intimate mode of communication. Additionally, brands can leverage this channel to share targeted content on a channel with higher engagement rates.

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