Leveraging tech and training can help marketers stake their claim in the brands’ growth strategy

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February 23, 2022, 3:20 AM GMT+0

Marketers should make the results of their efforts understandable to broader audiences across the company, to help them understand how marketing spend drives performance.

Leaders outside the marketing function now see the tangible impact of marketing on the business. Marketers can use this opportunity to claim equal footing with sales professionals, who have traditionally been considered the revenue leaders of the business. Similarly, marketers must collaborate with colleagues who create online product pages and payment mechanics to create a seamless CX for their audiences.

Even when it comes to leveraging reliable and quality sources of data, marketers need to opt for holistic analytics models that help drive last-mile decisions. Businesses can also implement technologies like CRM or consolidate multiple data points into a single source to enhance the company’s data transformation process.

Along with tech, marketers must also focus on accessing diverse and detailed expertise through training existing teams and collaborating with external partners. But, while collecting and working with high-quality data is crucial, marketers must also ensure they hold on to their ability to craft creative brand messages, focussed on storytelling.

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