Addressing consumers’ practical concerns can help automakers sell EVs

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February 25, 2022, 3:50 AM GMT+0

Meta’s recent survey of 10,000 people outlines consumers' perception of electric vehicles (EVs).

Despite the popularity of electric cars growing among eco-conscious consumers, several factors are preventing them from buying EVs. English-language discussions around electric vehicles (EVs) grew 238% on Facebook, according to Meta’s report.

However, electric vehicles accounted for only 4% of American auto sales in 2021, even though 42% of auto consumers are at least “looking into electric cars.” In Europe, electric cars made up 14% of 2021 auto sales. Also, over 50% of auto buyers aren’t actively considering EVs.

Concerns about battery life, travel range, charging infrastructure, and pricing are the barriers that are deterring potential EV buyers. Moreover, 82% of people that are interested in buying an EV have never been in one. Marketers should create messaging that focuses on the practicality of EVs to influence consumers.

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