Offer a mix of digital, in-person customer service channels to retain consumers

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February 25, 2022, 3:07 AM GMT+0

According to Forbes, 96% of consumers would abandon a brand if it delivers a bad customer experience.

With customer experience being a crucial factor, especially for brands trying to stand out among competitors in saturated markets, businesses need to focus on three points. Firstly, when hiring for their customer service teams, businesses must look for professionals who are passionate about creating a seamless CX.

Customer support professionals must be trained to instill the brand’s values into customer service. Secondly, though offering automated phone options or chatbots is important, brands must also ensure that customers who want to speak with a person, can do so, without enduring endless wait times.

Brands must hire an adequate number of customer service professionals, or even consider outsourcing them to offer dedicated customer service. Finally, brands must offer customer service across a range of platforms – from in-person meetings and phone calls, to emails, live chat and text messages.

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